Change the Way of Living with Plastics 

We are pledged to ensure the availability of eco-friendly products across the market so as to help people upgrade the way of living

Image by Noah Buscher


Remove the plastic Celebrate with nature. 

Every year tonnes of single-use plastics have been dumped in the ground from events and parties. Why harm earth when we can afford the same biodegradable single-use products for events. Let us bring the change together!



Somewhere in the World, a life

Can Benefit from Your Purchase from Ila Ecowares.

We plant a sapling for every 10 products we sell. You don't just buy products you donate to nature as well. 



Your buying Can Help Recycling

Ila Ecowares produces products that are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. Your purchase from us makes the environment  cleaner.