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Replace your toxic plastic containers with Eco-friendly tableware made of Sugarcane pulp

Plastic is omnipresent in our lives- but not only as bags! Because, somehow, it has found its way into our food items too. From our utensils to household items and sometimes even in consumer goods, it is available in all forms, shapes, and sizes. And If you take a look around, you will probably notice your kitchen is full of single-use items, including plastic containers that are used for storage. No doubt that they are convenient to use, but are they healthy? Certainly not!

Why is it dangerous?

The foremost reason to replace toxic plastic containers with eco-friendly disposable tableware is that they contaminate the food. How? Plastic contains Bisphenol A (BPA)- an extremely harmful chemical that mimics estrogen in our bodies, once ingested.

According to research performed by Scientific American, studies have shown that these chemicals can promote human breast cancer cell growth in women and lower sperm counts in men. Had they been made from natural resources like sugarcane pulp, they would have been completely safe. But as they are chemically treated, they pose a threat to everybody, especially infants, children, old-aged, and pregnant women.

The plastic containers in our kitchen are often used for storing and reheating purposes. The more it’s heated and cooled, the more chemicals in that container begin to break down. And when they start disintegrating, the chemicals leach into our food, causing grave dangers to our health.

And as the world has finally awakened from its long slumber of negligence, it is finally coming to terms with the adverse effects of plastic consumption. Hence, switching to eco-friendly tableware has become consequential than ever.

How to create a safer kitchen

Truth to be told, it is not easy (but not impossible) to have a 100% plastic-free kitchen overnight. After all, plastic is everywhere! From food packaging to our peanut butter container, and they also hold our gelato ice-cream and cinnamon too!

However, there are many alternatives to plastic like eco-friendly disposable tableware available in the market today. Made from sugarcane pulp products, corn starch, and sometimes birchwood, they can fulfill your storage needs without deteriorating the quality of the food.

What makes eco-friendly tableware so popular

Thanks to their natural composition, eco-friendly tableware, whether it is a plate, spoon, fork, or a food container, they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Apart from being ideal for storing food inside the refrigerator, you can re-heat your favorite pasta inside it in the microwave.

And when you want to dispose of it, remove the food scraps from it and put it inside a composting bin. What makes them a hit with green enthusiasts is their ability to be decomposed within 30-60 days, without any special measures are taken. After they get decomposed, you can use them as a fertilizer to nourish your garden. From daily-use to serving your guests in a large gathering, eco-friendly disposable tableware can be the rockstar of every event.

Because it takes millions of years to decompose, plastic, in today`s world, has become dangerous! Oceans, riverways, canals, landfills, and our digestive system, it can be found everywhere. While switching to eco-friendly disposable tableware will not resolve the threat entirely, it will help to cut down the use of plastic. So why not switch to this green alternative, which is lightweight, convenient, and healthy too?

What about you? Are you too looking for innovative ways to reduce plastic in your kitchen? You can begin by checking out the amazing collection of eco-friendly disposable tableware at


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